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Simply stated, every community, health centre, and academic library Health/Medicine collection should have a copy of “Woman Redefined: dignity, beauty, and breast cancer” in their collection. Every woman facing the prospects of a mastectomy should read “Woman Redefined: dignity, beauty, and breast cancer.”

-Margaret Lane, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

When women diagnosed with breast cancer face the prospect of undergoing surgery, they want to know what their bodies will look like afterwards. Kristina Hunter faced that concern and was given only clinical and impersonal diagrams as reference. Hunter knew that women wanted more than line drawings of breasts when they were facing such momentous change. They wanted to see what their bodies would look like right after surgery, a year later, and ten years after that.

Hunter teamed up with photographer ML Kenneth, who captured strikingly beautiful images of women who have had breast cancer surgery. The photos were paired with information about the women’s various procedures in Woman Redefined: dignity, beauty, and breast cancer published by Second Story Press. Woman Redefined is not only a valuable resource to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is also a testament to their strength, beauty, and character.

Woman Redefined will be distributed free of charge to Breast Health Centres across North America, and also is available for purchase from Second Story PressChapters.Indigo.ca, Amazon.com, or you can request a copy through your local bookseller or library.

About the Authors

Kristina HunterKristina Hunter

Take only pictures leave only footprints.

An environmentalist at heart and wanting to make the world a better place, Kristina Hunter has chosen to leave her footprints so that others may follow and their path may be easier.

As a University Instructor in the Environmental field, Kristina teaches others of the importance of the respecting the sustainable balance. As a practitioner of her preaching she was the most surprised of her own diagnosis with breast cancer. From what was to be a routine biopsy to confirm the little lump was nothing, to a journey shared with a multitude of women every day, her diagnosis became an unexpected gift. She was fortunate that it was caught early, that treatment options were readily available, that her prognosis was excellent and that her relationships grew stronger. But she wanted to leave more for the women that followed her so that they can be proud and strong. So the path was laid with the steps of her journey and she and her collaborator, ML Kenneth, have also left pictures of the many different journeys.

But the diagnosis will not define who Kristina is. She is a loving wife, daughter and friend. Her Humane Society puppy has grown to be her little bear who has trained her well. She is a player of Ultimate Frisbee and the least flexible yoga practitioner ever. This book is a part of her and she is a part of it, but it is just another step in the journey.

Kristina would like to thank all of those who have walked this path before her, with her and after her.

ML KennethML Kenneth

ML Kenneth is an intermedia artist known best for her diversity of talent and powerful expression of life’s beauty and complexity through painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation and photography. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Manitoba.

A visual storyteller, ML weaves together art and the written word. Opposing forces are a frequent theme of her work, exploring the masculine/feminine, static/organic and metropolis/wilderness of our world and ourselves. These dualistic relationships celebrate a tension that not only makes us human, but whole.

It is ML’s profound honour to have this opportunity to collaborate with Kristina Hunter while creating Woman Redefined. Working with Second Story Press, this project has expanded beyond what they could have ever hoped for. To tell these women’s stories has been a turning point in her artistic career.

ML is inspired by learning, reading, travelling and spending time in the natural world.

You can see more of ML’s work at www.garnetandruby.com.